Dr. Lina Dokuzović

Lina Dokuzovic works at the intersection between visual art and text/knowledge production. Her research and artistic work deal with the topics of migration; knowledge production; mechanisms of appropriation and privatization of structures such as education, culture, the body, and land; and perspectives for translocal solidarity. She is the author of Struggles for Living Learning (2016).

Invisible Labor and Making Blind Spots Visible

Much of the work that goes into reproducing our economy and society goes unseen – because of precarious contracts or conditions; it may also be considered illegal, criminalized, or clandestine; or there may be struggles around a general acknowledgment that it is even work. Erasure and invisibility make it easier to exploit the most vulnerable parts of the population while making a common struggle more difficult. Visibility, solidarity, and mutual care are thus of critical importance in exposing these processes and in attempting to dismantle them.