Šárka Homfray 

Šárka Homfray graduated in Law and Legal Science at the Faculty of Law of Charles University (2007) and is currently studying Gender Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the same university. She worked for about 10 years at the Ministry of Transport, mainly in the creation of transport legislation. Since 2017, she has been a lawyer of the Trade Union of State Bodies and Organizations, vice-chairman of the ČMKOS Committee for equal opportunities for women and men, and a member of the Women's Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation. She mainly deals with labor and service law, and deals with, among other things, unequal treatment and discrimination, gender aspects of law and the world of work. She is interested in stereotypes and generalizations and their influence on our lives. He regularly publishes in legal periodicals and lifestyle magazines. She is the author of contributions to several anthologies, commentaries and monographs and co-author of the publications Practical guide to the civil service and Tools for balancing personal and work life from the perspective of the employee and employer.