Florian Reese

(*1967, Singen, DE) Since 2011 artistic director and curator at Atelier 10. Reese studied art therapy at the FH Nürtingen (DE), but after a year’s internship at the House of Artists in Gugging (AT) in 1992 he turned his attention exclusively to artistically oriented projects. From 1996 he organized art workshops at COOPERATIONS in Wiltz (LU) and returned to Gugging from 2000 to 2011. There he initiated the Atelier Gugging and later became assistant director at the SHE House of Artists. From 2008 to 2011 he studied at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), where he investigated the history of the origin of the art project in Gugging, especially with regard to Leo Navratil. In 2011 he was commissioned to establish the art platform Atelier 10 for Caritas in Vienna. Reese is the author of numerous textual contributions in the field of Outsider Art and Art Brut.