Goran Stojčetović

Goran Stojčetović born 1975 in Skopje (North Macedonia). He graduated in painting from the Faculty of Arts in Pristina in 1999. He engages in deep associative art, which he finds in unconscious expressions conveyed through drawing, painting, photography, performance, and theater. For the last few years, he has been dedicated to socially engaged actions in the form of Depth Drawing Workshops, through which he animates and aestheticizes the unconscious contents of individuals and groups of people he meets in various contexts and circumstances in Serbia and abroad. Since February 2015, he has been running Art Brut studio VMA at the Day Hospital of the Clinic for Psychiatry of the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, where, in addition to art workshops, he also conducts theoretical research on the relationship between art and psychology. He was one of the organizers and exhibitors at the large group exhibition Turbulences dans les Balkans at the Halle Saint Pierre Museum in Paris, where, at the director’s invitation, he held a two-day in-depth drawing workshop in 2018. He is also an exhibitor, concept author and selector of a large group exhibition of Serbian and Croatian contemporary marginal art scene Dream Catchers at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb in 2020. The same year, he received the Joakim Vujić award for best scenography at the Festival of Professional Theatres of Serbia, in Vranje. He is the founder and president of the Art Brut Serbia Association. He works as a set designer at the National Theatre of Priština in Gračanica.