Anti-Work Fair: The Deep Listening Care Manual


This is an exercise against the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains!
A work fair is an act of cruelty where deep anxieties come afloat, for our survival
keeping us on constant loops of extraction.
This is an invitation for a protest, an act of voicing through our bodies, a form of
listening with physical and discursive exercises in unproductivity and slowing
down where we root in our environment.

Duration: 1-hour run. We will follow 4 deep listening exercises on the manual
(5min each one), followed by an activity where each will generate their own
deep listening exercise, in other words, their own manifesto on anti-work from
their body stream.


Aleyda Rocha

Aleyda Rocha is a Mexican artist and researcher interested in exploring and
evincing the everyday practices of extractivism of data, bodies, and experiences
intrinsically linked with colonialism and the colonial project. Currently a
researcher affiliate in the Department of Digital Humanities in the Austrian
Academy of Sciences in Vienna and research collaborator in Ars Electronica.
Her research negotiates the histories of nonconsensual extractive language
terminologies assigned to narratives of “otherness”, such as immigration, which
is present in our everyday language, space, environment, and sound.