Performative Installation

We know usually people developed the culture to maintain the social norms, values, and
historical civilization in the society. Men and women always comprise the two halves of the
population in every society; however, the rights and opportunities afforded to women have
never been on the equal basis with the rights and opportunities of life granted to men; women have been forced in such contexts to bear a subordinate position. So in here ‘Identity’ is the interactive performative installation where this could be the place to express thyself.


Pramila Lama

Pramila Lama is a student at the Academy of Fine Art Vienna, Studio of Post Conceptual Art,
she is as well a Vienna based Nepali multi-disciplinary art practitioner. In her practices she
pays attention to gender inequality, memory, identity, human relationships, and shared
narratives, also she tries to portray the undeniable belief and the blind practice upon the
women which are still existing as social practice.