Motherhood in the Art World

The spatial installation “Motherhood in the Art World” is a two video  projection of mainly, but not only, interviews conducted with artists and a curator. The video discusses the precarious situation of women in the art world and the complexity of finding a balance between life and work in the art field. Interviewed are the artists Christine Hohenbüchler, Regina José Galindo, Renate Bertlmann, Stephanie Misa, Tanja Ostojic and Signe Rose, as well as the curator and art historian Vanessa Joan-Müller.

claudia sandoval romero*

claudia sandoval romero* is  an Austrian-Colombian journalist and artist in search of her* collective identity. The core of her artistic proposal is a reflection on institutional critique, feminism* and diaspora, from a decolonial critical perspective. Her artistic practice has developed through the use of media such as photography, text and video, combining sociological methods with collective creation. Her approach to art is nurtured by the driving force of creating pedagogical spaces where horizontal exchange can take place, contributing to debates about loss, mourning and restitution of women* having been denied a position in the art field, that is, a counter-epistemology.
She is currently writing dissertation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, supported by a DOC Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences-ÖAW.