The work traces the story of a migrant from Bulgaria who has lived in Vienna since 1989. What opportunities did she, the illegalized one, have to perform in public as a singer and dancer and to gain recognition as an artist? How was her decades-long artistic practice organized in locales of the Yugoslav and Turkish diaspora, what knowledge did she acquire in the process? What paths of legalization and stabilization of her residence did she take in Austria during the 1990s, and what role did her marriage to an Austrian police officer play in this? Where in her life does she stand now and for what?


PETJA DIMITROVA artist, cultural producer and activist. Born in Sofia, lives in Vienna since 1994. She works on critical socio-political discourses using various media such as drawing, poster, video and installation. Her artistic, curatorial, pedagogical and activist practice takes place in artist collectives, educational initiatives, migrant and diaspora self-organizations, among others. She teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.