Petra Unger

Petra Unger works as Cultural Mediator, Academic Consultant for Feminist Education and Politics as well as an Expert for Gender Studies and Feminist Research (M.A.). She imparts women history and female history of art under feminist aspects giving lectures, workshops and seminars about the history of the Austrian feminist movements and feminist theories.

As a writer she publishes articles about these topics and her feminist city walks of Vienna performed by her. In 25 years she has developed more than 50 different walks in 15 districts of Vienna so far. Conveying history and political education in public space for all groups is her special concern. In 2011 she received the Käthe Leichter Prize for Women's andGender Studies. 2019 she has been honored with the Prize for Adult Education by the City of Vienna

Female Traces | Vienna Women’s Walks

History of humanity was made by both women and men alike. Half of our visible history was made by women through their work, knowledge, experiences and creativity. It is hard to find something commemorating women. And it is hard to find any information about women written in history books or memorials to women in the townscape. There are only a few brass plaques and even fewer monuments. But:

The houses where they lived and worked still exist. It’s necessary to expand the point of view so that the historical efforts of women can be seen. To perceive women as active personalities in an historical process means to take them out of the victimhood.

Women didn’t just experience history, they created history – within or outside of attributed social roles, as conformists or rebels. This is what women’s walking tours convey: the empowerment of women!