The Undetectable Peepshow

The undetectable peep show, short movie screening made by Katharina Kummer for Red Edition in frame of a Red Umbrella Academy handling about the stigmatization, discrimination and marginalization of HIV+ sexworkers.

Red Edition 

Red Edition is a migrant sexworker group/collective from Vienna, Austria. The collective consists now from ca 20-30 members, mostly of sexworkers, ex-sexworkers/ activists and allies. Red Edition are people including all genders and sexual identities, who are sharing the same point of view and the same goals. Their mission is to break the stigma about sexwork, to sensibilize  society about the topic of sexwork, to educate them, to break the prejudice and decriminalise sexwork in Austria. Red Edition is a safe space by and for the sexworkers. The main vision of our group is RESPECT.SAFETY. PROTECTION of all sexworkers in Austria, regardless of their migration status. Last but not the least they wish/want/are fighting for FREEDOM. Yes, all sexworkers should live free from stigma,discrimination,marginalisation and violence! SEXWORK IS WORK!