Katrin Wölger


*1967 in Schladming
birth weight: no idea, normal (!)

Katrin was diagnosed with ortonal dystonia at elementary school, allowing her to go home an hour earlier. In 2011, her right kidney was removed due to cancer. Currently she is considered cured.
After elementary school she attended the convent school in Admont. Graduation 1985. In Vienna, she studied art history and theater studies (no degree), began playing at the same time in student theater, went to New York, was two years at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, then Theatro Abraxa, a street theater group from Rome and two weeks with Jerzy Grotowski in Pontedera. In Vienna she played in the independent scene, at the Salzburg Festival in the Jedermann Tischgesellschaft. In the 1990s, Katrin Wölger spent a lot of time in Cairo, the plan was to stay. She got a small role in Youssef Chahine's film "The Destiny", which she did not play because she remained in Vienna due to the pregnancy and the difficulties involved. The several months of hospitalization, the struggle for survival and the survival of Fee made her decide not to continue working as an actress, but to realize her own work. The family stayed inVienna. In 2004 Valentin was born.
Together with Felicitas, Katrin reappeared in a theatrical setting for the first time in 2014 (brut wien), and now uses elements from all genres for her work.

Felicitas Wölger


*1997 in Wien
birth weight: 943 gram

Felicitas’ eyes, ears and brain were affected by a prenatal cytomegalovirus infection (CMV). Cytomegalovirus infection is the most common cause of uterine child injury worldwide. Felicitas is blind in one eye and deaf in one ear and sometimes has epilepsy. She attended the integration class of the elementary school Wien Lange Gasse, the Karl Schubert School for children and young people and the Special Education Center for the Deaf. Felicitas has always liked to perform. So far, there is no family celebration without addressing her. Performances are often unpredictable. She has a great presence and always knows exactly what she is doing, also in her visual works.