KUVARICE by the collective IMPRACTICAL WOMEN is based on traditional Serbian decorations with embroidered pictures and texts that were found in the kitchen and other other rooms of the house. The texts were instructive - at least according to the guidelines of the time - and dealt with all sorts of situations, from religious beliefs to family relationships. The collective, however, appropriates the method, but the tradition is not repeated passively, but rather by reflecting own experiences and observations of the women from the collective they redefine it, with the aim, to use KUVARICE as an emancipatory tool.

Impractical Women

Impractical Women collective was founded in 2000 by SKART group, in collaboration with Single Mothers Refuge Group WOMAN, Zemun - Serbia. Idea was simple: to re-use traditional skills – embroidering – for empowering and hearing the voice of liberated, emancipated women. Illustrated rhymed lyrics about local and global politics, family violence, kid's rights, neighborhood habits, ecology, corona, … appeared in their works and started to encourage and surprise many others to speak up about their feelings, fights and problems in their own way. Instead of repeating traditional lessons of "HOW IT SHOULD BE", Impractical Women started to speak "HOW IT IS".
Self-organized and self-invested, this initiative has been continuing for 22 years. No limits for united voices.Kitchen Wisdoms by Impractical woman Lenka Zelenovic, Brigita Medjo and Pava Martinovic* are telling their own stories and reminding us that every skill is useful and every rebellion counts. (in collaboration with Gerontological Center Zrenjanin)