Resistance in Existance, Existance is Resistance

Resistance in Existance, Existance is Resistance
© MSTEAZAH, Enesi M., Fatamorganaaaaa, Mirabella Paidamwoyo Dziruni, Eenyonam, MTASA. Foto: Ina Aydogan, Outfits: Burggasse 24, Set Art & Design: Lukas Gritzner

Intervention, Diskussion, Performance

we resist by existing
existence in resistance 

we make ourselves heard and seen, felt and reckoned,
now, in this exact time, place and climate,
we exist and we resist

to exist in resistance is not always charming – but there are affirmations, rituals and charms to help navigate a racist, sexist, homo-& transphobic, capitalist fundamentalist society as young, black, indigenous, queer people of color

while articulating our resistance, we decided to utilize many methods: through performance, painting, drag, video, music, photography, and poetry – we exist while resisting 

Ein Projekt von meltem, MSTEAZAH, MTASA, Enesi M., mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Rulo, Fatamorganaaaaa, eenyonam, Didi Nita.

Termine: 13.09.2019