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    WIENWOCHE 2017


    Life beyond capitalist production

    Friday, September 22nd – Sunday, October 1st 2017

    (C) Toledo y Dertschei / WIENWOCHE applying a picture from Natalie Deewan

    WIENWOCHE 2017 spreads the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’ throughout the city. Not as a privilege of the rich, but as an aspiration to delink work and working time from nation, state, and capital.

    WIENWOCHE 2017 was inspired by a repeatedly appearing graffiti in Vienna’s urban landscape that reflects the plea of social movements: ‘Morgen mach ich blau / Tomorrow I won’t work’. This is not a simple demand not to work the following day – it is a political demand for a different society in which work does not mean coercion and separation. Instead of fetishising work, DOLCE FAR NIENTE demands to revolutionise both work and time.

    The sixth edition of the WIENWOCHE festival presents 14 projects that explore the conditions of contemporary work relations and practise ways of either distancing ourselves from current working worlds or imagining them differently. Throughout the city, WIENWOCHE will explore possibilities of ‘Life beyond a capitalist production’ from 22 September to 1 October 2017.

    WIENWOCHE is a Viennese festival that experiments with merging creative practices and activism in different scales and formats and from different sides of art and social movements. Since its beginning in 2012, WIENWOCHE has taken place in September every year. The festival sees cultural work as engagement in social, political and cultural debates, with the aim of advancing them and making them visible. WIENWOCHE intends to push the boundaries of cultural and artistic practices and make them accessible for all social groups living in Vienna.

    Credit: The cover image design is the result of a collaboration between WIENWOCHE, Senay Mohamed and Annalisa Cannito

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    For WIENWOCHE: Nataša Mackuljak und Ivana Marjanović


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