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Natalie Ananda Assmann

Born in 1988, she grew up in Linz and has been working as a freelance artist, director, performer, actress, curator, and cultural producer in Vienna since 2006. She has her artistic roots in theater. Her residencies in São Paulo, Tel Aviv, India, and New York City significantly influenced her work. In 2016, Assmann received the Startstipendium of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Culture. Key works: Carnival of Fear Festival, projects such as the Halay City Marathon or the feminist protest collective #resisters. Natalie Ananda Assmann focuses on feminist empowerment and transcultural mediation at the intersection of performance and theater in public space, civil society work, and activist art and culture. In more recent years, Assmann has preferred to work in collectives.

Mirjana Djotunovic aka mustra

Born in 1978 in Belgrade, she works as an artist at the intersection of visual art, performance, and fashion in Vienna. Her artistic work focuses on topics of women's* rights, gender, capitalism, migration, and activist practices. The intensive exchange between artists in collectives is an important component of her work. Her artistic position is influenced by her experiences as a woman, migrant, and guest worker. Mirjana has curated multiple self-organized exhibitions in off-spaces in Vienna. She performed at the Donaufestival in Krems with the association Boem. She has worked in e.g. the WIENWOCHE projects "Love Hacking," "Manifesto of Ideal Work," and "K in Summer camp." She has been living and working as an artist in Vienna since 2003, and has been an Austrian citizen since 2017. Mirjana became a mother in January 2018. Mirjana on Facebook and Instagram.

Henrie Dennis

Founder and chairperson of Afro Rainbow Austria, she is a lesbian woman from Nigeria who continuously works on improving the living realities of African LGBTI+ communities in the diaspora, in Austria, and on the African continent. She began her activist work at an early age at House of Rainbow, an LGBTI+ organization in Nigeria. In Vienna, she has worked at e.g. LEFÖ – Intervention Center for Trafficked Women and selbstlaut – Association Against the Sexualized Violence of Children and Youths. She is a noborder activist and board member of Planet10 – Network for Redistributing Privilege. She has been a board member of the EL*C – European Lesbian* Conference since 2018. Henrie Dennis has participated in e.g. the performances "Iron Mask, White Torture," has worked with artist Petja Dimitrova on the project "We Come from Your Future," and produced the project "A Punch Below the Belt" for WIENWOCHE 2018. 

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verein zur förderung der stadtbenutzung

The “Verein zur Förderung der Stadtbenutzung” (“The Association for the Promotion of City Use”) was founded in 2011, as the supporting association of the new cultural project, WIENWOCHE.  The development and promotion of socio-political and cultural latitude for artistic, socio-cultural and civil society participants – also in the sense of reclaiming urban space - will be the focus of activities.


The members of the board are:

Gabu Heindl (Deputy Treasurer)
Simon Inou 
Asli Kislal (Chairwoman)
Eva Meran (Secretary)
Esra Özmen (Deputy Chairperson)
Ivana Pilic (Treasurer)
Markus Wailand (Deputy Secretary)

The members of the board from 2016 till 2018 were: 

Cornelia Kogoj (Treasurer), General Secretary of the Minorities Initiative, curator
Luisa Ziaja (Deputy Secretary), curator, author, editor


The members of the board from 2011 till 2016 were:

Martin Fritz (Treasurer), curator, advisor and publicist
Simon Inou (Deputy Secretary), journalist, co-founder of and the communication campaign Black Austria, managing director of M-MEDIA
Asli Kislal, (Chairwoman), director, dramatist, scriptwriter, artistic director of the theatre project „daskunst“
Cornelia Kogoj (Deputy Treasurer), General Secretary of the Minorities Initiative, curator
Marissa Lôbo, artist and activist in the Black and Migrant movement, chairwoman of the association "Forum Interkulturalität"
Markus Wailand (Deputy Chairperson), director, author and producer of documentary, short and TV films
Luisa Ziaja, (Secretary), curator, author, editor

External advisory board 2019

Abiona Esther Ojo works as photographer and visual artist. At WE DEY x Space – a selforganized art space for queer/trans*/inter/black people/people of colour she co-organizes monthly Self Care Sundays. Esther is a youth worker at SFC – Black Women Community.

Nadine Jessen is a curator and dramatic advisor. Since 2007 she works at the festival Kampnagel Hamburg. In 2017 she was a member of the curatorial team at Wiener Festwochen. 

Persy-Lowis Bulayumi is an activist and educator. He is vice-chairman of IDB – Initiative for a non-disciminatory education system and an active member of the initiative „Jedes K!nd“ aswell as of „Bildungsplan für Österreich“.