The Bitches are back again, but this time with

“power and privilege”

SUBMISSION Deadline: January 27th 2020

“(I)nequalities derived from race, ethnicity, class, gender, and their intersections place specific groups of the population in a privileged position with respect to other groups and offer individuals unearned benefits based solely on group membership; historical and systemic patterns of disinvestment in nonprivileged groups are major contributors to the low social and economic position of those groups; representation of groups and individuals in media, art, music, and other cultural forms create and sustain ideologies of group and individual inferiority/superiority (...).”

o Bonnie Thornton Dill and Ruth Enid Zambrana

As an intersectional, open and accessible festival, Wienwoche 2020 will focus on the concept of privilege, and the power that comes with it.

We find ourselves in a moment in time where we have to make it an obligation to reflect upon and deconstruct, mechanisms of power and oppression. At the same time it is equally important to understand how privilege, if not recognized as such by the ones who have it, is working to support an existing system.

Focusing on power and privilege allows us to reflect and contemplate on different nuances of local as well as global discourses.

... And that leaves us with the following questions:

What is power and what is privilege? How do they succeed in defining all space, but yet those who possess privileges still successfully pretend not to acknowledge their existence? Who has them and who does not? How do they manifest and how are they being reproduced? (How) do they become toxic, or is toxicity inherent to them? What role do power and privilege play in connection to guilt and shame? What consequences do power and privilege have on access and participation? How about the privilege of definition and interpretation, and how does the power of definition and interpretation affect archives, dominant narratives, his*-, her*stories and collective memory? What power relations structure society and which mechanisms can we acquire to change those structures? What comes with the privilege of not having to deal with discriminatory mechanisms and violence?

You aim to point out questions of (re)distribution, poverty reduction, (un)employment realities, family constructions, parenthood, life scripts, stigmata, queer*feminist struggles and fights, housing, politics of urban planning or mechanisms of discrimination in politics or the society at large?

Share your (fantasies of) queer*feminist omnipotence through the eyes of your empowering disempowering project. Let us gamble in the privilege lottery and create spaces of conversion and confession. Let us call for a competition of guilt and let us happily detox from these intoxicated structures.

Bring your creativity, your dance, installation, sculpture, architecture, theatre piece, interventions, painting, literature, music, performance, media art, research, exhibition or else and let us collectively claim spaces and take the big stage. Your proposal should artistically show or reflect on how ideas of power, privilege and the patriarchal society intersect and shape institutional forms and practices.

We invite everyone and encourage works from the young, old, displaced, as well as works from the perspective of lived relations of class and privilege that address the pervasiveness of whiteness in pedagogy. Most importantly, we encourage works that acknowledge, challenge and address racialized or gendered stereotypical social structures.

Reach into your privilege and use that power it possesses to condemn stereotypes, and call out inequality, oppression, racism, patriarchy, capitalism, fascism and extortion, sexism, homo-,trans-,biphobia, ableism and every form of discrimination.

Privilege is not a pie and you can be guaranteed that yours would not reduce if you share it.


Requirements Open Call 2020

- WW 2020 is looking for collectives, initiatives and solo artists.

- WW 2020 is looking for projects that aim to shift and redefine “centres of power & privilege“.

- WW 2020 funds and promotes concepts of wide variety of formats.

- We are looking for projects that cooperate with arts and cultural institutions, human rights initiatives, NGOs or activist groups.

- We are searching for projects that work in interdisciplinary or multilingual ways.

- We are searching for artists who employ intersectional approach in their work.

- We are searching for collectives that want to join the WW team in creating resourceful art pieces and cultural projects.

- We wish for submissions that reflect on the political sphere and conditions of labour within arts and cultural production.

- We wish for participants who want to exchange and conceptualize and realize ideas with our team.

- Existing workshops or lecture formats that deal with WW’s current topic can also be submitted.

- Video submission: project ideas can also be submitted as video clip: the video clip can be up to 2-3 minutes long and have to contain all relevant content points of the project concept.

What funding is available for the projects?

The project budgets range between 1.500€ and 15.000€.
Grants from other sources will not be grounds for disqualification.

How will projects be selected?

An independent advisory committee supported by the board and the WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will make a pre-selection in february 2020. The WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will then further discuss open questions with the pre-selected applicants. The WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will subsequently make their selection. All decisions concerning the programme are made without recourse to legal proceedings.

The selection process involves:

- WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team
- The Board of the Association for Advancing the Use of Urban Space
- An independent advisory committee (members will be announced)


For specific questions to the call, please write: