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    Multimedial music theater

    Based on fragments of Elfriede Jelinek's stage play, "Die Schutzbefohlenen" ("The Wards"), Dieter Kaufmann composed a multimedia music theater work. In Lampedusa, young performers sing against the inhuman European border policies.

    "We are trying to read foreign laws. We are told nothing. We are not finding anything out. We are not summoned or picked up; we have to simply appear here and then there. However, what country? What country will we be permitted to enter?," is what is stated in Elfriede Jelinek's stage play, "Die Schutzbefohlenen" ("The Wards"), which she wrote as a response to the refugee protests of 2012 and innumerable deaths of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Based on fragments of this Jelinek's work, Dieter Kaufmann, one of the pioneers of electroacoustic music, composed Lampedusa. A group of young actors expanded and complemented the music theater piece by means of discussions with refugees that have come to Austria: with experiences and statements about how Europe has closed itself off from fleeing people, denied them legal entry and accepted their death.

    Lampedusa is an acoustically stunning and powerfully eloquent work that drives out silent acceptance and comfort by means of solidarity and revolt. From the middle of society, outrage at the inhuman European border policies is expressed. In a more silent manner, the works of the video artists, Sigrid Friedmann and Ulrich Kaufmann expand amongst the many columns of the Odeon Theater. Adam de Neige's set, composed of empty areas and minimalistic colors, serves as a painful embodiment of the gaps that are left behind on a nearly daily basis by an infinite number of those that never arrive.

    The voices of Laura Polaschek, Hannah Radl, Anian Rödl and Simone Weiss are complemented by soprano, Elisabeth Sykora (scenic and singing director) in addition to Igor Gross on the drums and Alfred Melichar on the accordion.

    Lampedusa (AT 2015)
    Text fragments by Elfriede Jelinek as well as additional text material deriving from discussions with asylum seekers
    Composition: Dieter Kaufmann
    Music director and solo soprano: Elisabeth Sykora
    Vocal ensemble: Hannah Radl, Anian Rödel, Simone Weiss, Sophia Zeh
    Drums: Igor Gross
    Accordion: Alfred Melichar
    Stage installation: Adam de Neige
    Video projections: Sigrid Friedmann and Ulrich Kaufmann
    Production management: Eva-Maria Maurer

    In cooperation with Odeon Theater.


    detailed program

    Sun, 27. 9., 18:00


    Odeon Theater, 1020, Taborstraße 10 (barrier-free access)

    Following this, artist discussion with Mohamed Mouaz and Monika Mokre (Auf nach Europa - Off to Europe) as well as Dieter Kaufmann and Simone Weiss. Moderator: Peter Huemer



    Sun, 27. 9., 18:00

    Odeon Theater, 1020, Taborstraße 10 (barrier-free access)



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    Leporello "Auf nach Europa", "Lampedusa", 23.09.2015