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  • What Did You Get?

    A Question of Remembering and Acting

    Österreichische Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück und FreundInnen

    Discussion café, talks, presentations

    What Did You Get? explores possible actions that result from confronting a Nazi past with the present. Personal stories and social correlations will be reflected upon and discussed. Thereby, the following issue shall be dealt with: What do you do with what you have got?

    In Austria, the majority of the population participated in the National Socialist crime or profited from it. A decisive break with the perpetrators never materialized – instead, considerable circumstances of Nazism continued to exist within society after the Second World War. Up until today, discrimination and exclusion are a reality for many of those who had formerly been persecuted.

    "We are all entangled in such continuities and of course we all have different perspectives with regard to it," says the Österreichische Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück und FreundInnen (Austrian Camp Community Ravensbrück and Friends, ÖLGRF). With the question, What Did You Get?, the ÖLGRF is making the continued impact of the Nazi past on our present a topic of discussion and is shifting our focus from what had once been to the here and now. Thereby, as a joint effort, various standpoints and possibilities of making reference are discussed without equating them. How do our respective (family) stories influence how we speak and act today? Who and what do we make reference to and who listens to us?

    In What Did You Get?, activists and artists convey their experiences and how they have dealt with (family) history/stories within the scope of project presentations and discussions. Following this, individual topics can be discussed in depth within the scope of casual conversations lead by a moderator in an informal atmosphere. "It is a goal to open up options on how to relate to each other in solidarity in the present day – despite having different pasts and histories."

    What Did You Get? is the kick-off to the event series "whose story?" of the Österreichische Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück und FreundInnen (ÖLGRF, "Austrian Camp Community Ravensbrück and Friends"), accompanying the exhibition on the juvenile's concentration camp, Uckermark at the Jewish Institute for Adult Education from September 25 to December 14, 2015.

    In cooperation with the Jewish Institute for Adult Education and the Initiative for a memorial site, Uckermark. The entire event series is taking place with the support of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism and the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria.


    detailed program

    Sun, 20. 9., 15:00

    Discussion cafe, talks, presentations

    Maccabi-Turnhalle, BRICK-5, 1150, Fünfhausgasse 5, entrance located at Herklotzgasse 21 (barrier-free access)

    With contributions by (among others) Sheri Avraham and Iris Borovčnik (Club Havera), Gitta Martl and Nicole Sevik (Ketani Association), Vera Modjawer (activist), Udo Sürer (lawyer) and Daria Deniz Sürer (student) as well as Vladimir Wakounig (educational researcher)