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  • WIENWOCHE initiates a open work group that will create a project through a collaborative approach and collective authorship.



    Working? Not working? Pretending to work? Refusing to work? Working from home? Moonlighting? Work experts of all kinds – we need you! Let’s discuss, reflect, organise, and create!

    In our constant struggle to find and/or avoid work, we often forget to ask ourselves the fundamental questions that define our lives: What is work? Why do we work? How do we work? And for whom do we work?

    This years’ open working group during WIENWOCHE will search for answers to these questions: through discussions, experience analysis, workshops, as well as field work relating to working environments. All of which is to culminate in creating a multiform Ideal Work Manifesto. We will actively reflect on our past, deconstruct our present, and conceptualise our future working realities.
    Workers of the world – join in, release yourself from pressure, generate knowledge for self-determined and satisfactory working/living practices, emancipate yourself from work, play with it!

    • thinking about work
    • no age limit
    • no working experience required
    • no working/visa permits required
    • knowledge of German not required
    • knowledge of MS Office not required
    • no limit in terms of educational level
    • no driving licence required
    • all genders welcome
    • all stages of pregnancy welcome

    English, Deutsch, Naš (BCSM)


    Initiators of the open working group:

    Aleksandra Aleksić (‘ of Motherhood and Construction’), Mirjana Djotunović Mustra (“they can’t pay me as little as little as I can work”), Jana Dolečki (‘eternal student in anticipation of retirement’), together with the WIENWOCHE team.