2021 vs 2121
Utopias, Dystopias and Fictions


WIENWOCHE understands itself as a (post-)migrant, queer-feminist festival for art and activism and looks at cultural work as an interventional tool in social, political and cultural debates. 

The tenth edition of WIENWOCHE in 2021 is titled "Back to Normality" and pursues the mission to travel to the year 2121 to take a look back, question and rethink today's concept of "normality" from a present, past and future perspective.

Concepts of "normality" are mostly defined by the majority, by those in power and those who want power. Those who cannot or do not want to fit into the tight corset of that "norm" will experience social and structural mechanisms of exclusion. At present, developments towards a "new normality" often appear to be backward-oriented and promise little prospect of fundamental, visionary and progressive expansions of the norm.

Or perhaps there is a way?
WIENWOCHE transports you into the year 2121 and thinks back from the future to the year 2021, where the "future normality" questions our perception of the past and the future and raises questions:

What forms of normalcy will we experience in 100 years? What power and dominance relationships will we find? What will our friendships and relationships look like? What will the historiography look like in the year 2121 over 2021? What languages will be spoken? Which theories have emerged as true or false? What kind of music and art will be created and consumed? How will art from today be received 100 years from now? Which people are being heard and what is the state of democracy, freedom of speech and expression? Will we still live in a capitalist system built on exploitation? How will debates about gender be conducted? How will migration be dealt with? Which beings will live and have survived? Will there even be humans left on this planet and what will this planet look like? Will we already be living on other planets? How can we help to shape the future today and make it worth living? 

Future perspectives, utopias and dystopias are to be artistically developed and presented in a participatory way from the viewpoint of different groups in our society. "Back to Normality" seeks to describe and shape our future realities with optimism by traveling to distant space times and casting a critical look back.

In the form of artistic interventions and campaigns and in public space, WIENWOCHE 2121 aims to draw attention to a possible or impossible future. "Back to Normality" confronts us with current ways of living and their impact on the future.

Bring in perspectives, activism, dance, installation, sculpture, architecture, play, painting, literature, music, performance, media art, research, exhibition and imagination and let us create a very "normal" festival together!

Your proposal should artistically and critically x-ray the (un)bearable (in)justice of rigid normality, showing where those systems break and how sources of optimistic futures can emerge from these cracks. Condemn stereotypes, call out every form of inequality, oppression, racism, patriarchy, capitalism, extortion, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, body-shaming, and ableism.


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"Back to Normality"
2021 vs 2121
Utopias, Dystopias and Fictions