- WW 2021 is looking for collectives, initiatives and solo artists.

- WW 2021 funds and promotes concepts of wide variety of formats.

- We are looking for projects that cooperate with arts and cultural institutions, human rights initiatives, NGOs or activist groups.

- We are searching for projects that work in interdisciplinary or multilingual ways.

- We are searching for artists who employ intersectional approach in their work.

- We are searching for collectives that want to join the WW team in creating resourceful art pieces and cultural projects.

- We wish for submissions that reflect on the political sphere and conditions of labour within arts and cultural production.

- We wish for participants who want to exchange and conceptualize and realize ideas with our team.

- Existing workshops or lecture formats that deal with WW’s current topic can also be submitted.

- Text submission: Project idea in text form must not exceed 2 DIN A4 pages. (excl. budget)

- Video submission: project ideas can also be submitted as video clip: the video clip can be up to 2-3 minutes long.

- The submission have to contain include all relevant content and conceptual points of the project.

- The Submission must include a project budget. Link to the calculation template ...


The project budgets range between 1.500€ and 15.000€.
Grants from other sources will not be grounds for disqualification.


An independent advisory committee supported by the board and the WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will make a pre-selection in february 2021. The WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will then further discuss open questions with the pre-selected applicants. The WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will subsequently make their selection. All decisions concerning the programme are made without recourse to legal proceedings.

The selection process involves:

- WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team
- The Board of the Association for Advancing the Use of Urban Space
- An independent advisory committee (members will be announced)

For specific questions to the call, please write: