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Festival for Art and Activismus

15.09.23 – 24.09.23
Vienna, Austria

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    WW Poster 2023
    © WIENWOCHE/Kora Reichardt
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Curatorial Statement

Once again we find ourselves in the cold. The old, the new, the neverending. Forced to navigate the escalation of imperial pretensions and their impending nuclear tensions. The world polarizes into friends and enemies, where the allies exclusively become entitled to exploitation. The enemies are safe(?).

Prior to the reconfiguration of supply chains, these had to be fully mapped. Shortages were pointing out the risky (global) resource dependencies and the flawless supply of the powerful had to be restored and legalized. Governmental regulations diversified trusted suppliers, but at whose expense? Whose energy ensures such remodeled security? The (non)citizens cover the ideological separation of the chains of exploitation maintained by and to the disadvantages of the global majority. Without consent, we lose control over our (own) energy. One doesn’t have to do anything in particular to be held accountable. The urgent requirement of positioning is set, while at the same time we are (unwillingly) immersed in the global re-alignments on an everyday basis. 

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